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Noroo Epoxies

    Synergy Building supplies are proud to be a official distributor for the Noroo’s range of epoxy related products for the Australia & New Zealand area.

  • A internationally trusted brand.
  • Different products for different needs for any substrate surface.
  • DHDC 6400 is a 100% solids epoxy used in heavy duty internal areas / performance based floors such as warehouses, show rooms , kitchens & any other internal surface where high performance is needed.
  • Cleanpoxy 3100 is a solvent based epoxy widely used in internal areas that require dustproofing, stain resistance or where a improved internal UV resistance is desired

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Closed Cell Backing Rod

    Backing rod available in multiple sizes from 10mm – 50mm
  • Available in both individual rolls & full bundle sets
  • Can order bulk lot delivered to work site or warehouse
  • Excellent dimensional stability

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Joint Expansion Foam

    Joint expansion foam is available in sizes ranging from 50mm – 300mm and comes in 25m rolls.
  • Available in both adhesive and non-adhesive
  • Most size available in a grey or cream colour
  • Also available other variants of expansion foam such solid closed cell 75mm-150mm & expansion joint 2.4M lengths
  • Can also supply special other forms of foam such as bitumen canite 100mm 2.4m lengths

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Q-Coat Concrete Sealer

    Our range of Q-coat concrete sealers will be a great fit for your next project. Each one compatible with our Q-coat sealer additives such as matting agent & non-slip additives.

  • Q-coat Same Day/Primer Sealer: Perfect if you need to get the job done the same day for new concrete & great for sealing expose aggregate.
  • Q-coat All Purpose Gloss Sealer: A great all round sealer to give a beautiful gloss finish.
  • Q-coat Hard Wearing Sealer: A stronger film forming sealer for better resistance to oil & petrol, great for high traffic wearing areas.

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Concrete colour

  • Iron oxide for integral coloring of concrete
  • available in small retail jars or 7.5kg, 10kg 15kg packaging with water soluble lining
  • Auto dosing for concrete plants in 1 tonne bulk, containers.

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Silica Fume

Concrete additive for high strength, waterproofing and increased durability.

Synergy High Grade Silica Fume is ATIC registered #215

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Glow in the dark Aggregate

available in blue and green lift the appearance of your concrete at night with added safety.

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